Q: What are the airport choices for the MimeTalk Conference?
A: Norfolk International Airport

Q: Does the Delta Hotels by Marriott (preferred hotel for MimeTalk 2018) have an airport shuttle?
A: No, the Delta Hotel does not provide service to the airport.  An alternative mode of transportation is or

Q: What information should I indicate to make my hotel reservation to obtain the MimeTalk group rate?
A: When making your hotel reservation, click the link or reference MimeTalk.

Q: What is included in the MimeTalk 10 registration?
A: The Mime Talk registration includes the Mix, Mingle & Meet Mime Ball, Mime Talk Workshop and the mime show “What you don’t say you say.”

Q: Is the Mime Ball (Meet, Mix, and Mingle) event open to the public?
A: The Mime Ball is for registered Mime Talk participants and chaperones.

Q: Will monies be collected for Mime Talk registration at the Mime Ball?
A: No monies will be collected on the evening of the Mime Ball. If you plan to attend the Mime Ball, please register by April 5, 2018 and RSVP at that time. On-site registration will be available on Saturday morning for the Mime Talk workshop.

Q: Is makeup required for the Mime Ball?
A: No, makeup is not required, but it will sure make a memorable picture. 

Q: What is the Mime Ball attire?
A: The Mime Ball attire is “dress your best” (If no formal wear, that’s ok, wear your Sunday’s best and a smile).

Q: Where can the general public purchase tickets for “What You Don’t Say You Say?”
A:  Tickets for “What You Don’t Say You Say” can be purchased from Willett Hall box office or online at

Q: Is the Mime for a Cause event free and open to the public?
A: Yes, Mime for a Cause, Sunday, April 15, 2018, 4 PM is free and open to the public. There will be a giving opportunity at Mime for a Cause.

Q: Who is considered to be a chaperone at MimeTalk?
A: A chaperone is any individual sitting in any of the workshop sessions in a non-active role.

Q: Will lunch be included in the registration fee?
A: No, lunch is not included.

Q: Can I register on-site for the Workshop?
A: Yes, there will be on-site registration. Late Registration (After March 30, 2018) fee will be $55 for youth (12 and under) and $65 for adults.

Q: What should participants wear to the MimeTalk workshop?
A: Wear comfortable (loose fitting) clothing (For ex. T-shirt, sweat pants, sweat suits, slacks, sneakers).

Q: Can you purchase MimeTalk T-shirts on-site at the workshop?
A: We ask that each individual that is planning to minister with the workshop participants on Sunday evening at “Mime for a Cause” showcase to pre-order their t-shirts. T-shirts may be available on-site for purchase but it is a chance your size may not be available.

Q: What is needed for the Mime for a Cause showcase, if you are a workshop participant?
1. pre-ordered MimeTalk t-shirt
2. black pants
3. black shoes/sneakers
4. white mime make up
5. jet black make up (or pencil)
6. makeup remover
7. washcloth or wipes
8. Q-tips (optional)